Sour Cherry Martini Pack

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Locally grown Morello cherries bring a ripe burst of flavour and subtle sharpness to our wildbrumby Seasonal Sour Cherry Schnapps. Our wildbrumby Kosciuszko Vodka is infused with mineral-rich, Snowy Mountain snow melt. The essence of our beautiful region is captured in every sip.

Our Sour Cherry Martini pack includes a 500ml bottle of our wildbrumby Sour Cherry Schnapps and a 500ml bottle of our wildbrumby Kosciuszko Vodka.

Enjoy this romantic liquid treat with dark chocolate or black forest cake – but mostly, with your special someone.

Sour Cherry Martini

2 parts Vodka (60ml) 1 part Sour Cherry schnapps (30ml)

Method: Add to a cocktail mixing glass with ice, stir for 15 rotations and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.

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Contains fruit/wine/milk products and sulphites.

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