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Schnappy Bellini Recipe

This is a fresh, schnappy twist on the classic Venetian cocktail made famous by Harry’s Bar.

The addition of Wildbrumby brut to our award-winning peach schnapps creates a festive, sparkling cocktail that is simple to create, with no stirring or shaking required.

How to make it…

    • 20ml Wildbrumby peach schnapps
    • Wildbrumby brut
    • a slice of fresh peach (preferably white)

To make this summery delight, pour Wildbrumby peach schnapps into a champagne flute and then top up with chilled Wildbrumby Brut. Garnish with a slice of fresh white peach.

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Schnappy Martini

Our luscious sour apple schnapps adds a gloriously lip-puckering twist to our Kosciuszko vodka 101 to create this sumptuously schnappy martini.

How to make it…

  • 2 parts Kosciuszko vodka (60ml)
  • 1 part Wildbrumby sour apple schnapps (30ml)


  • Squeeze of lemon, and shake or stir with ice
  • Garnish with a slice of lemon or a twist
  • Serve in a martini glass

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Legend has it that in early 20th-century Florence, Count Camillo Negroni invented this cocktail after requesting his favourite ‘Americano’ be served with a shot of gin instead of its traditional soda. 

Our premixed negroni is a deliciously warming alpine twist on his classic version.

How to make it…

  • To create our winter Negroni we blend our award-winning classic gin with our seasonal baked apple schnapps, and then add a dash of homemade Italian bitters. 
  • Our Negroni comes ready to drink on ice, and can be served in a lowball glass with a slice of orange to garnish.

The Devil Mary

Hot chilli and herbs are the hallmark of our Devil’s Tongue schnapps, which delivers a sumptuously spicy punch to the classic Bloody Mary.

How to make it…

  • Blend 30 ml Kosciuszko Vodka with 30 ml Devils Tongue Schnapps in a highball glass and top up with tomato juice
  • Garnish with a stick of celery and fresh cracked pepper
  • Add Tabasco and Worcestershire Sauce to taste.

Sean Whiteout

The Shaun Whiteout is neither shaken nor stirred. It is a deconstructed blend of luscious Butterscotch schnapps topped with a sumptuously smooth ‘whiteout’ of Irish cream liqueur.
How to make it…

  • Slide 2 parts of butterscotch liqueur schnapps into a shooter or mini martini glass, and carefully float 1 part of Irish Cream on top.
  • Tweak recipe according to your tastebuds, and add a splash of Wildbrumby Devils Tongue chilli schnapps, if you dare!

The Faceplant

The best kind of Faceplant you’ll have all day! Baked Apple schnapps brings the sweet spirit of home-grown pink lady apples, cinnamon, cloves and star anise, with a velvet layer of whipped cream on top.

How to make it…

  • Warm 25 ml Wildbrumby Baked Apple Schnapps gently in the Microwave for 10-15 seconds in a shot glass.
  • Top with whipped cream and add a light dusting of cinnamon.
  • Sip and savour with friends and family around the fire on a cold winter’s day.

World Gin Day at Wildbrumby

8th June 2019

Enjoy a double-whammy celebration at Wildbrumby, with World Gin Day and the official opening of the Aussie ski season colliding in a high-spirited festival at our Snowy Mountains distillery.

We’ll be serving up a smorgasbord of gin-based delights to mark these occasions, pairing our award-winning range of spirits with a line-up of tonics, mixers and martinis. So come and celebrate the snowy spirit of gin with us on June 8.

Wildbrumby End-of-Pothole Party

2nd June 2019

We’ll be officially saying farewell to dust and potholes this coming Sunday (June 2) when we open our new road in a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Sealing the section of Wollondibby Road between the EcoCrackenback turnoff and the distillery has been a massive project, and was entirely managed and funded by the distillery!

It has been many years in the planning, and we’re really happy with the result, so please come and join us at 4pm on Sunday, June 2 at our End-of-Pothole Party!

Wildbrumby takes the road to success

Newly sealed section of Wollondibby Road will ease distillery access and parking for cars and buses.

Wildbrumby Distillery, the creator of award-winning Snowy Mountains spirits, is celebrating the completion of a long-running project to seal part of Wollondibby Road.

The section of road leading from the EcoCrackenback turnoff to the distillery was previously unsealed and heavily potholed.

Eight years in the design phase, the new section of road is now complete.

“We managed and funded the entire project,” says distillery founder Brad Spalding.

“It was a very large amount for a little distillery to come up with, but managing infrastructure is part of the cost of doing business in a remote location.

“We are already managing all our own water treatment and effluent, and this sealed section of road represents yet another big step forward for us.”

A key benefit is the creation of extra parking spaces for both cars and buses, making access to the distillery far easier for visitors.

“This will obviously have benefits for both our customers and our distilling op-erations,” says Spalding. “And in addition, we no longer have huge clouds of dust drifting in from Wollondibby Road.”

The construction of the road was part of a larger project to upgrade the commercial production area of the distillery.

The local council included a condition that the section of road be sealed as part of that development application, says Spalding.

There were, however, numerous engineering and regulatory obstacles to overcome before construction could even begin, so engineer Tom Evans was hired to oversee the project for its duration.

“We had to redesign the layout of the existing road, as well as the location of car parking facilities,” says Spalding.

“This involved a huge amount of planning, and liaising with surveyors, construction crews and the council.”

While Evans was overseeing the engineering aspects of the project, Edwin Kraft managed the civil works, and Peter Burns and his team managed the survey work, Spalding says.

“We think the result is terrific and has really improved the whole appearance of the distillery grounds. Now we just wish those people using the road would slow down a bit.”

There is an official ribbon-cutting ceremony planned for June 2 at 4pm.

“We’ll be calling it our end-of-pothole party,” says Spalding.