As you stroll throughout the restaurant and sculpture garden you will see many works which engage with the alpine landscapes of the Snowy Mountains.

Contemplative themes on the natural world and environmental sustainability thread throughout the Wildbrumby collection, prompting us to look more closely at the world around us and appreciate the beauty, strength and fragility of the landscape.

Many of the sculptures repurpose natural or discarded materials and natural, ground mineral pigments.

Brad and Monika Spalding have actively fostered and collaborated with artists, hosting artist residencies here at Wildbrumby, and many of the works in the sculpture garden are the fruits of these residencies.

As an artist himself, Brad Spalding has made art central to the spirit and workings of Wildbrumby, and is also a celebrated local artist in his own right.

So stroll through the sculptures with the whole family and venture to the Out of Bounds, and Beyond the Fence works.

Roll down the hill after the Orbs, listen to the rattle of Yellow’s carbon fibre reeds, cuddle a Buisman rock and sit and contemplate with the Bowerbird Nest.

Explore and enjoy!