Situated right in the heart of the Australian high country between Jindabyne and Thredbo, Wildbrumby is the highest distillery in Australia.

Located only 22km from Australia’s highest peak, the distillery has access to pristine alpine water, organically grown fruit and native mountain botanicals, which have become the inspiration behind its award-winning stable of schnapps, gin and vodka.

The distillery’s signature spirit is a sumptuous range of fruit-based schnapps based on local and seasonal produce.

Although schnapps distilleries are native to the European Alps, where the winters are too cold for traditional wine production, Wildbrumby founders, Brad and Monika Spalding have reinvented and popularised this traditional mountain spirit in the Australian Snowies.

Wildbrumby has applied years of distilling experience to its unique range of Australian gins and they now have three award winning products within their stable.

This includes their classic gin, the popular raspberry infused Rubus Patch, and navy-strength Stallion gin, which have all won gold medals in international spirit competitions. A pure, mountain vodka is also distilled on site.

All distillery visitors can either purchase bottles onsite or from the distillery’s online shop.


2018 Melbourne International Spirits Competition – Australian Apple Schnapps Distillery of the Year

2018 Icons of Gin – Monika SpaldingHighly Commended Distillery Attraction Manager (World) of the Year

2018 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards – Gold Medal  Peach Nectar Schnapps

2017 Asia International Spirits Competition – Gold Winner Stallion Navy Strength Gin

2017 Melbourne International Spirits Competition  – Gold WinnerRubus Patch Gin  

2016 Melbourne International Spirits Competition – Gold WinnerWildbrumby Gin

2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards – Gold Medal trophy champion & other Spirits Premium Pear William Schnapps

Melbourne International Spirits Gold Medal Winner 2016 Melbourne International Spirits Gold Medal Winner 2017