Four fantastic raspberry cocktails

It’s raspberry season and that means two things. Picnics with friends in the autumn sun and blushing pink glasses filled with schnappy, raspberry cocktails. Our seasonal wildbrumby raspberry schnapps is sweet, tart and a little bit sassy. This vibrant berry has a knack for bringing excitement to any drink. Which is why we keep an organically grown raspberry patch mere steps from our distillery door. Each raspberry from our patch is plucked by hand in their prime from a ripe maroon harvest and turned into one of two things: our famous rubus patch gin, or — our scrumptious wildbrumby raspberry ...
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Beautiful butterscotch

Take a walk on the wonderful side with this super-smooth favourite. Without giving away all our secrets, our butterscotch schnapps has been a cocktail favourite since it hit the shelves for two simple reasons; a top-secret recipe of real butterscotch and our signature ingredient — pink lady apples. Fruit is essential to creating authentic traditional schnapps and it is the addition of apples that brings that ‘home-cooked’ sweetness that butterscotch fans can’t get enough of. And what’s the most popular way to drink this butterscotch treat? In a warm mug of spiked cappuccino, also known as the ‘Schnappychino’, or drizzled ...
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Pear it up with these summer cocktails

Crunchy, green sweetness with a subtle tang – there’s something special that singles the Williams pear out from other pears when it comes to the art of crafting summery cocktails. Also known as Poire William, these pears are commonly grown in the alpine regions of Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria – all places that love to turn this fascinating fruit into delicious schnapps.  It’s often eaten straight from the tree or baked into traditional desserts such as the pear clafoutis and poached pears with cream, but it is most famously consumed as an eau-de-vie – or as we like to ...
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Why mango is our summer cocktail hero

Why mango is our summer cocktail hero

Mangoes are the summertime fruit that can be enjoyed any time of the day. From jazzing up morning cereal bowls to elevating the humble pavlova and making salads exciting, mangoes are everywhere at this time of year and they go in just about everything. So, of course we had to make a mango schnapps! Selecting the highest quality mangoes is only the start of our mango schnapps making process. The fruit is fermented at our alpine distillery before being distilled and bottled in our signature frosted bottles. At wildbrumby distillery, we’re proud to make exceptional schnapps. And with this schnapps ...
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Get luscious with limoncello

Simple, sophisticated, and full of zest! This scrumptious, schnappy take on an old Italian favourite is bursting with lemon and just loves to be paired with something cold and carbonated. Steeped in the history of Southern Italy, each family would perfect their own unique limoncello recipe to serve up to esteemed guests as a digestif. Wildbrumby's own recipe was inspired by a trip to Naples, with perfectly sweet citrus notes from the zest of locally-sourced lemons. If you’re already a fan of our limoncello, you might be familiar with our two favourite ways to serve this warm weather treat: ...
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Apple schnapps is a bitter-sweet delight

Apples have been used in the creation of schnapps ever since our European ancestors first came up with this wonderful, warming mountain drink, and we can confirm they make a heavenly schnapps! Here in Australia, we are lucky to have orchards growing some of the best apples on earth – from the sweet delight of pink varieties to the sour bite of the Granny Smith. Our pink lady apple schnapps is akin to biting into a freshly picked apple, and for many she’s the go-to option for schnapps on the rocks. But she’s also an incredibly versatile cocktail ingredient. And ...
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Craft the perfect Bellini at home

You’ve likely enjoyed a Bellini before. Maybe you swapped out a mimosa for one over brunch or enjoyed a few as a summertime aperitif. But, do you know the history of this near century-old drink? Sometime between 1934 and 1948, a Venetian Bar owner named Giuseppe Cipriani created the Bellini cocktail – a bubbly peach drink that would be celebrated for decades to come. Originally, the Bellini cocktail was made with prosecco and peach puree or peach nectar. It’s a combination that creates a stunning pink hue. The drink’s colour reminded Cipriani of a pink toga worn by a saint ...
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A gin cocktail for all seasons

While we like to think of our pure Snowy Mountains gin a hero of the winter months, we know that many gin aficionados are equally enthusiastic about serving gin cocktails to bookend more summery pursuits. So we’ve asked our wildbrumby team to nominate their favourite year-round gin tipples so we can bring you the cream of the crop for creating at home regardless of the prevailing weather patterns. But first, as a bit of backstory, here at wildbrumby, we’ve been distilling spirits for almost two decades. From our London-style classic gin to our raspberry-infused rubus patch, we think we’ve got ...
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Stone fruit cocktails for sunny days

Every year as the weather warms, rosy peaches and golden apricots deliver their glorious harvest. They’re delectable in desserts and (in our opinion) even better to drink! These fruit varieties have also been popular with Austrian distillers since the very beginning of schnapps creation, so it is no wonder they continue to delight. As the name suggests, stone fruit are harvested fruits with a stone-like seed encased in juicy flesh and soft skin. Apricots are king in Austria’s patisserie world. With treats like ‘sachertorte’ (a decadent chocolate cake filled with apricot jam) and powdered apricot dumplings gracing dinner tables across ...
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Glühwein to warm your soul

You can’t have winter without a mug of piping hot glühwein. This sweet, warming blend of red wine, herbs and winter spices will have you singing from the snow-capped mountaintops. In fact, glühwein has been a traditional winter staple throughout western Europe for around 600 years. And it is not difficult to deduce why it has been popular for so long. Glühwein is German for ‘glow wine’. As the name suggests, its warm temperature and boozy base will have you glowing with warmth from head to toe. This winter brew is both soul warming and simple to put together (with ...
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