Ring in Christmas with sour cherry cocktails

Bring out the champagne glasses – it's sour cherry schnapps season! Christmas is all about great company and fabulous food. Lunch tables overflow with prawns and sweet, heart-shaped cherries. Their pits decorating the table come dinner time. So, what happens to their smaller, less common cousins – the sour, morello cherry? These deep ruby morsels are gifted with a complex flavour that we believe was made for our sour cherry schnapps! Sour cherries, like the morello cherry have been used in liqueurs all over Europe for centuries. The most famous being Kirshwasser, meaning “cherry water”, from the Black Forrest region ...
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Schnappy Christmas Tree

Have yourself a schnappy Christmas

We’ve got all the ingredients to add a dash of magic to your festivities this year. Fine food and drink are the hallmarks of the silly season, and while we’ve never let a lack of snow get in the way of the great Australian Christmas, traditional mulled beverages just don’t cut it this time of the year. For most of us, summertime celebrations are spent beside the pool or the barbie where ice-cold beer and cocktails are the stars of the show. So whether it’s a sparkling peach bellini, sour cherry martini, or a limited-edition pink gin & tonic that ...
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Stone fruit cocktails for sunny days

Every year as the weather warms, rosy peaches and golden apricots deliver their glorious harvest. They’re delectable in desserts and (in our opinion) even better to drink! These fruit varieties have also been popular with Austrian distillers since the very beginning of schnapps creation, so it is no wonder they continue to delight. As the name suggests, stone fruit are harvested fruits with a stone-like seed encased in juicy flesh and soft skin. Apricots are king in Austria’s patisserie world. With treats like ‘sachertorte’ (a decadent chocolate cake filled with apricot jam) and powdered apricot dumplings gracing dinner tables across ...
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Dandelion & Honey schnapps is in full bloom

Wildflowers are in bloom, the sun is out, and the mountains are singing for adventure. Spring has sprung and we’re celebrating with a floral, herbaceous and honey-sweet treat - our Dandelion & Honey schnapps. Incorporating wild, handpicked dandelion flowers and local alpine honey with a base of our Pink Lady Apple schnapps. This is a seasonal schnapps made to be savoured for as long as our dandelions are in bloom. You may be asking yourself, why dandelion? This vibrant yellow flower is highly aromatic and known as one of the most common edible flowers. In teas and drinks, dandelion ...
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Butterscotch brings home winter

Light the fire, sit back and prepare to meet winter’s new cocktail hero. Without giving away all our secrets, our butterscotch schnapps has been a winter favourite since it hit the shelves for two simple reasons; a top-secret recipe of real butterscotch and our signature ingredient — pink lady apples. Fruit is essential to creating authentic traditional schnapps and it is the addition of apples that brings that ‘home-cooked’ sweetness that butterscotch fans can’t get enough of. And what’s the most popular way to drink this winter treat? In a warm mug of spiked cappuccino, also known as the ‘Schnappychino’, ...
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Glühwein to warm your soul

You can’t have winter without a mug of piping hot glühwein. This sweet, warming blend of red wine, herbs and winter spices will have you singing from the snow-capped mountaintops. In fact, glühwein has been a traditional winter staple throughout western Europe for around 600 years. And it is not difficult to deduce why it has been popular for so long. Glühwein is German for ‘glow wine’. As the name suggests, its warm temperature and boozy base will have you glowing with warmth from head to toe. This winter brew is both soul warming and simple to put together (with ...
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A gin cocktail for all seasons

While we like to think of our pure Snowy Mountains gin a hero of the winter months, we know that many gin aficionados are equally enthusiastic about serving gin cocktails to bookend more summery pursuits. So we’ve asked our wildbrumby team to nominate their favourite year-round gin tipples so we can bring you the cream of the crop for creating at home regardless of the prevailing weather patterns. But first, as a bit of backstory, here at wildbrumby, we’ve been distilling spirits for almost two decades. From our London-style classic gin to our raspberry-infused rubus patch, we think we’ve got ...
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The spirit of winter is Baked Apple Schnapps

Imagine a deliciously warming, mountain schnapps that blends the sweet spirit of Australian pink lady apples with traditional wintery spices spices; cinnamon, cloves and star anise. Distilled in ‘Florence’ our small batch pot still, Baked Apple Schnapps is a sumptuous fireside tipple only available in winter that makes delicious cocktails (read on) and now ranks as of our most anticipated seasonal schnapps. Blending blissfully with award-winning wildbrumby gin for a wintery martini, it is also the inspiration behind our winter Negroni, which combines Baked Apple Schnapps with our classic gin and a dash of homemade Italian bitters. Schnapps is native ...
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Why vodka is the spirit of autumn

We’re calling it. Autumn is for Australian vodka! Our Kosciuszko Vodka was born in the Snowy Mountains – just 22km from Australia’s highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko. And because it is blended with pristine snow melt, the mountains’ beautiful, yet volatile, nature lives in its DNA. So why is our vodka the perfect spirit for autumn? It combines a clean, crisp flavour profile with a smoothness that only premium vodka is known for - perfect for the in-between time of the year when you’ve retired your swimmers to the back of the cupboard, but you’re just not ready to pull ...
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How to make a truly magical martini

The martini is a prince among cocktails, oozing style and panache in every sip. But for a drink that has endured so long through the ages, it remains stubbornly difficult to master. Many will tell you the secret to mixing a great martini comes down to selecting the right ingredients and then balancing them perfectly. But there are a few other factors you need to consider when embarking on this fascinating journey. So, what exactly is a martini? At the most simplistic level, it is a cocktail made from a blend of gin and vermouth, and then garnished with ...
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