Premium Willy Bee 40% (500 ml)

$85.00 inc. GST

Our Willy Bee Schnapps is more than just a delicious blend of William Pear schnapps and aline honey – it’s a celebration of the finest local ingredients. We source our William Pears from the fertile orchards of Victoria, where they thrive in the region’s cool climate and rich soils. The pears are carefully selected for their sweetness and flavour and then distilled in a traditional manner to create a smooth and aromatic schnapps.

The alpine honey is sourced from local bees that roam the region’s rugged and pristine mountains.

With every sip of Willy Bee Schnapps, you’ll be transported to the verdant orchards and majestic peaks of the Australian alpine region, where the finest pears and honey are harvested with care and pride.

The color of the schnapps varies depending on the honey we use.

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