Raspberry 18.5% (500mL) paired with Pink Lady Apple 18.5% (500mL)

$88.00 inc. GST

Made from organically grown raspberries, this seasonal schnapps is a sweet berry delight.

Sassy and plush, this schnapps is full of juicy, sweet raspberries grown onsite at wildbrumby, and plucked in their prime from a ripe maroon harvest. This decadent razzamatazz treat is best savoured with dessert or chocolate — or add a shot of raspberry schnapps to a favourite cocktail.

We have paired our seasonal raspberry with our sweetest fruit schnapps –  Pink Lady Apple.  Like a refreshing crunchy, liquid apple, this very Australian liqueur schnapps has a strong apple aroma and a rich, sweet finish. Made from tree-ripened pink lady apples first grown in Western Australia, our very Aussie schnapps is enjoyed neat over ice, or in a bellini cocktail.

Check out our distiller’s blog here for some cocktail suggestions.

As a limited bonus we will include two wildbrumby shot glasses with each pair of these schnapps to add some cheers!

Contains fruit/wine/milk products and sulphites.

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