Martini Magic Pack

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Our luscious sour apple schnapps adds a gloriously lip-puckering twist to our Kosciuszko vodka 101 to create this sumptuously schnappy martini. Made from Australian grown granny smith apples and pickled lemon, our sour apple schnapps is a zesty-sweet experience that blends perfectly with our pure mountain vodka, infused with spring water fresh from the high country. The perfect way to spice up cocktail hour, you can get your hands on this flavoursome duo for the special price of $79. And why not sharpen up your martini making skills with our serving suggestion below!

Schnappy Martini

2 parts Vodka (60ml) 1 part Sour Apple (30ml)Method: Squeeze of lemon, and shake or stir with ice Garnish with a slice of lemon or a twist Serve in a martini glass.Free shipping for orders of $100 and over.
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