Our wildbrumby picnic hampers feature a sumptuous selection of goods from our own regional producers and providores.

The hampers can be pre-ordered 24-hours ahead of time for collection at the distillery.

You can browse our full range below and then contact us via email at info@wildbrumby.com to place your order.

GINdabyne Perfect Picnic Hamper
$110 (actual value $150)

This perfect wildbrumby weekend treat includes:

 A bottle of our Award-winning Classic Gin (500ml)
Four-pack of Fever-Tree Tonic + fresh and dried garnish to make the perfect G+T
Rockstock Deli local smoked Trout cured with our Gin Botanicals and wildbrumby horseradish aioli
Gruyere and Camembert Cheese
Freshly baked Ciabatta
Olives and Mixed Pickles + Crackers
Wildbrumby cooler bag
Picnic blanket 

Wildbrumby Cocktail Schnappy Hour
$160 (actual value $195)

This fabulous cocktail hamper makes up 14 drinks and includes:

A 500ml bottle of our Sour Apple Martini mix (Sour Apple Schnapps + Kosciuszko Vodka)
A 500ml bottle of Mountain Collins (wildbrumby Classic Gin + Mountain Pepper ‘Shrub’ syrup)
8 bottles of tangy Fever-Tree Pink Grapefruit Soda
Unique garnishes of Lemon Caviar pearls and dried Citrus and Mountain Pepper
2 Spiegelau long-stemmed crystal glasses
A wildbrumby cooler bag
A pack of ice

Wildbrumby Schnappy Hamper
$195 (actual value $230)

This special mountain feast includes:

1 Bottle of Wildbrumby schnapps (500ml) of your choice
1 Bottle of Kosciuszko Vodka (500ml)
1 Bottle of Benz zee knees Shiraz or Chardonnay
4 Pack of Kosciuszko Botanical IPA made with wildbrumby gin botanicals
Rockstock Deli smoked Sausages
Rockstock Deli Venison Jägerwurst
Gruyere and Camembert Cheese
Freshly baked Ciabatta
Cooked Sauerkraut and mustard
Wildbrumby cooler bag

Wildbrumby Perfect Home Picnic
$90 (actual value $140)

This very yummy home picnic pack includes:

1 bottle of Wildbrumby Brut
A 100ml Bottle of Peach schnapps (to make the perfect Bellini)
1 Siena Panforte Cake
Freshly baked Ciabatta
Gruyere and Camembert Cheese
1 Rockstock Deli Venison Jagerwurst
Olives and mixed pickles 
Wildbrumby Cooler Bag
Picnic Blanket