While we like to think of our pure Snowy Mountains gin a hero of the winter months, we know that many gin aficionados are equally enthusiastic about serving gin cocktails to bookend more summery pursuits.

So we’ve asked our wildbrumby team to nominate their favourite year-round gin tipples so we can bring you the cream of the crop for creating at home regardless of the prevailing weather patterns.

But first, as a bit of backstory, here at wildbrumby, we’ve been distilling spirits for almost two decades.

From our London-style classic gin to our raspberry-infused rubus patch, we think we’ve got every season of the year pretty much covered. And for those after a higher ABV navy-style gin, we’re told our Stallion is quite the standout. (Find out more about our award-winning gin trio here).

Of course, we owe much of our success to the pristine Snowy Mountains water with its unique mineral trace elements and the native botanicals such as mountain pepper berry that grow wild in the Snowies, essential to creating our uniquely alpine distillations.

So scroll down to discover our pick of gin cocktail recipes for your year-round enjoyment.

Wildbrumby Negroni
This is a deliciously warming alpine twist on the classic Italian cocktail, which has its origins in early 20th-century Italy.

You can buy negroni ready-made from our online shop or create your own by blending our award-winning classic gin with our seasonal baked apple schnapps and then adding a dash of homemade Italian bitters. This spicy winter aperitif is ready to drink on ice and best served with a slice of orange to garnish.

Baked Apple Schnapps
wildbrumby gin
Orange slice

Method: Blend Baked Apple Schnapps with your favourite gin (to taste), add a dash of bitters, and serve in a lowball glass with ice and a slice of orange to garnish.

See our distiller’s blog here for more wintery recipes

Alpine Vesper
Ian Fleming didn’t do us any favours when he decided James Bond would take his dry martini shaken, not stirred — given that most martinis are best when stirred, not shaken!

But if you consider the Vesper recipe we associate with Bond (3 parts gin, 1 part vodka and 1/2 part Kina Lillet) then it is understandable given that shaking a drink breaks the ice into smaller pieces, watering down his rather potent mix. Here is our own twist on this much-loved martini.

30ml Classic Gin
30ml Kosciusko Vodka
30ml Apricot Schnapps

Add gin, vodka and schnapps to an ice-filled cocktail shaker and shake until cold, double strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with an orange twist.

(Courtesy of Philip Jones aka The Martini Whisperer)

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alpine vesper

Rubus, Limoncello & Tonic 
A celebration of spring time, this cocktail is pink, pretty and a little bit tart.

Our rubus patch gin is made using organic raspberries picked straight from our distillery gardens and makes a brilliant G&T combo with our wildbrumby limoncello. And it looks delectable too!

20mL wildbrumby limoncello
30mL wildbrumby rubus patch gin

Firstly, pack a wide, stemless glass to the brim with lemon wheels, whole raspberries and ice. Pour our rubus patch gin and wildbrumby limoncello into your glass and top with tonic water. We suggest fever tree’s refreshingly light tonic water. 

Serve your Rubus, Limoncello & Tonic with a vibrant paper straw and an extravagant cheese platter.

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Sour Apple Mojito 
Refreshing, sweet and a little bit tart, you’ll never want to make a mojito any other way again! 

This summery combination of our sour apple schnapps and classic gin brings a beautiful floral element to the drink. 

It’s also a great recipe to batch and serve at parties or an afternoon barbecue. Simply multiply your ingredients by six and build the drink in a pitcher. Now all your friends have to do is pour.

30mL wildbrumby classic gin
30mL wildbrumby sour apple schnapps
ginger ale
granny smith apple

Muddle two lime wedges and four mint leaves in a tall glass before adding our sour apple schnapps and classic gin. Fill the glass with ice and place one thinly sliced half-moon of apple and a sprig of mint down the inside of the glass. Top with ginger ale. 

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