You can’t have winter without a mug of piping hot glühwein.

This sweet, warming blend of red wine, herbs and winter spices will have you singing from the snow-capped mountaintops.

In fact, glühwein has been a traditional winter staple throughout western Europe for around 600 years. And it is not difficult to deduce why it has been popular for so long.

Glühwein is German for ‘glow wine’. As the name suggests, its warm temperature and boozy base will have you glowing with warmth from head to toe. 

This winter brew is both soul warming and simple to put together (with the right ingredients) and is as moreish as anything.

Now, we’re not usually ones to mess with a classic – Oh, who are we kidding? We love to shake things up! 

But we feel we’ve created the holy grail of glühwein recipes. So, what makes our wildbrumby glühwein so delectably different? 

It should come as no surprise that the secret behind our incredibly popular glühwein is one of our most loved schnapps – our pink lady apple schnapps!

The fruity, sweet elements of our pink lady apple mean two things: a little more booze in your mug. And a whole mouthful of sweet, apple flavour balanced with the delectably herbaceous and spiced red wine notes.

Whether you’re stuck at home or hitting the slopes this winter, our bottles of wildbrumby glühwein are ready to take you on a winter flavour journey. 

To make the most of it, we’ve put together pairing ideas and the perfect guide to serving up a warm mug of winter goodness.

How to Pair it  

Our wildbrumby glühwein is the ultimate glow up to any winter dinner party. Just making this delicious winter warmer will invite a scented dimension of spice and sweet wine into your home. 

If small après get-togethers are more your style, try serving this warm cocktail with a platter of soft cheeses and sliced cured meats. Our wildbrumby glühwein’s spiced and sweet fruit elements contrast perfectly with salty, meaty foods. 

Adding a few pink lady apple slices or orange marmalade to your grazing board will tie in all these elements flawlessly – Your friends will think you’re a flavour pairing extraordinaire!

This drink pairs a treat with hearty, traditional dishes too. Think a pork schnitzel the size of a dinner plate served with Keffler potatoes and cranberry sauce, or a big bowl of warm apple strudel slowly melting a dollop of fresh cream. All the while, you’re sipping on a warm mug of delectable glühwein.

Put it all together for Christmas in July celebrations, and you’ll feel as if you’re feasting in a remote chalet surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the Austrian Alps.

How’s that for a staycation?

How to perfect it

The whole warming process should take no longer than four minutes on low heat and will create around four generous servings.

You’ll need:

wildbrumby glühwein
star anise
cinnamon sticks
1 orange


Empty your 750mL bottle of wildbrumby glühwein into a pot. Add in two star anise, a cinnamon stick and four orange wheels before slowly heating over the stove.

Be careful not to bring your glühwein to a boil – doing so could reduce the wine’s potency and flavour. 

Once warmed, your wildbrumby glühwein is ready to be served in pre-warmed mugs. Garnish each warm mug of glühwein with an orange slice and cinnamon stick, and enjoy by a roaring fire.

Now, here’s a little trick. 

To keep any steaming cocktail piping hot for longer, you’ll want to pre-warm your mugs or heat resistant glasses. The process couldn’t be simpler, and it can be done whilst preparing your wildbrumby glühwein. Simply fill your vessel of choice with hot water and allow the heat to warm it up. Just remember to discard the water before serving.