Bring out the champagne glasses – it’s sour cherry schnapps season!

Christmas is all about great company and fabulous food. Lunch tables overflow with prawns and sweet, heart-shaped cherries. Their pits decorating the table come dinner time.

So, what happens to their smaller, less common cousins – the sour, morello cherry?

These deep ruby morsels are gifted with a complex flavour that we believe was made for our sour cherry schnapps!

Sour cherries, like the morello cherry have been used in liqueurs all over Europe for centuries. The most famous being Kirshwasser, meaning “cherry water”, from the Black Forrest region of Germany.

You guessed it. Sour cherry is the beautifully tart and tempting schnapps responsible for the delicious black forest cake. But could you imagine a cherry topped pavlova drizzled with our seasonal sour cherry schnapps!?

The possibilities are endless with this deliciously bittersweet treat. Here are a few cocktail recipes to get you cheers-ing to cherry this Christmas!

Kirsch Royale

As a Christmassy riff on the French ‘Kir Royale’, this cocktail is all about celebration. The star ingredient? A generous pour of our seasonal sour cherry schnapps.

This is the perfect cocktail to serve to friends just as the Christmas crackers are pulled and the jokes are shared.

And the best part about our Kirsch Royale is that you’ll have one at your fingertips in two easy steps – Let’s leave the complicated recipes to the food this year.


20ml wildbrumby sour cherry schnapps
wildbrumby brut
morello cherries

How to make it:

To be cheers-ing to cherry all through to Christmas dinner, first place your morello cherry into a champagne flute and add our wildbrumby sour cherry schnapps.

Next, tilt the champagne flute on a 45-degree angle and fill with our wildbrumby brut. This will result in an evenly mixed cocktail that is ready to serve in seconds.


Sour Cherry Martini

It wouldn’t be a wildbrumby celebration without a martini. And our seasonal sour cherry schnapps is the ingredient that takes our signature martini recipe from party favourite to the Christmas cocktail everyone will want to sip.

In this cocktail you’ll find a lip-smacking tartness and candied cherry notes. (Have a friend obsessed with martinis? We have that Sour Cherry Martini Pack they didn’t know was on their Christmas wish list.)


60mL wildbrumby Sour Cherry Schnapps
30mL wildbrumby Kosciuszko Vodka
morello cherry

How to make it:

Set up your chilled martini glass with a single morello cherry. Then, bring out your cocktail mixing glass and fill it to the brim with ice. Add our sour cherry schnapps and wildbrumby Kosciuszko vodka, and stir for 15 rotations.

Strain the contents of your cocktail mixing glass into your chilled martini glass. Enjoy!


Sour Cherry Sling

The Singapore Sling, a brilliantly fruity and pink cocktail, was invented in Singapore in the early 1900’s and has been a summertime classic ever since.

Some versions of the long forgotten ‘original recipe’ call for pineapple juice. However, our version combines the citrus notes of fresh lemon and orange, giving this cherry-forward drink an extra punch of tartness.

Sipping this cocktail by the pool or whilst on BBQ duty is one way to beat that summertime heat.


30mL Classic Gin
30mL Sour Cherry
15mL fresh lemon juice
15mL fresh orange juice
morello cherries
wildbrumby morello bitters (or Angostura bitters)
soda water

How to make it:

The key to making the best Singapore Sling is to use fresh and quality ingredients. First, squeeze at least 15mL of fresh lemon juice and 15mL of fresh orange juice. Then prep your garnish by pinning two morello cherries using a cocktail pin.

Fill a bar shaker with ice and pour in the lemon juice and orange juice, followed by our wildbrumby classic gin and our cherry schnapps. Shake till frost forms on the outside of your bar shaker and strain into an ice filled Collins glass. Top with soda water.

Place your pinned cherries on top of your glass and add a tiny dash of morello bitters (available from our distillery door). And if you don’t have a bar shaker at home, simply build it straight into your glass.

wildbrumby seasonal products are available from our online shop or distillery door for limited periods only.