We’ve got all the ingredients to add a dash of magic to your festivities this year.

Fine food and drink are the hallmarks of the silly season, and while we’ve never let a lack of snow get in the way of the great Australian Christmas, traditional mulled beverages just don’t cut it this time of the year.

For most of us, summertime celebrations are spent beside the pool or the barbie where ice-cold beer and cocktails are the stars of the show. 

So whether it’s a sparkling peach bellini, sour cherry martini, or a limited-edition pink gin & tonic that jingles your bells, we’ve got all the ingredients to make yours a magical one.

Here are four of our go-to cocktails for a schnappy, summertime Christmas.

Black Label Christmas Gin

Born through blending vibrant Christmas flavours with our award-winning Rubus Patch Gin, this is a gin you’ll wish someone would gift to you.

Our Black Label Gin has vivacious notes of festive fruits and elderflower paired with homegrown raspberries, juniper, and a trio of citrus. And like all our gins, this one is balanced with pristine alpine water and native botanicals found in our own backyard — the Snowy Mountains.

You can enjoy this lusciously pink gin over ice or with a quality tonic. But the best way to enjoy a festive fruit-forward gin? In a big glass of our Holy Hoity Toity cocktail while you lounge around in a sun-bathed beach chair. Heaven! 

Serve to your party guests or be the best gift-giver and surprise a loved one with a bottle under the Christmas tree. Just remember, you deserve one too.


Holy Hoity Toity

Like a classic gin and tonic but with a festive twist. Our wildbrumby Black Label Gin is the centrepiece of a cocktail with all the sleigh bells and whistles. Sweet, fruity and paired perfectly with a traditional pavlova – your Christmas party guests will be coming back for seconds.

30mL wildbrumby Black Label Gin
Soda Water and Lemonade (or Elderflower Tonic)

Steep raspberries in wildbrumby Black Label Gin for at least an hour before serving. Prepare garnishes by thinly slicing lemon wheels and cucumber strips.

Add ice, garnishes, soaked raspberries and wildbrumby Black Label Gin to a large wine glass. Top with either elderflower tonic, or soda water and a splash of lemonade. Shop for Black Label Gin here.

Cherry Sour

Nothing says Christmas quite like cherries and this luscious cocktail is no exception. 

Our Cherry Sour strikes the perfect balance between the sweet and sour elements of our seasonal Sour Cherry schnapps with cherry notes from our Christmas gin adding depth to this festive favourite.

60mL wildbrumby Sour Cherry schnapps
30mL wildbrumby Christmas gin 
20mL fresh lime juice
1 teaspoon wildbrumby morello cherry syrup (or make your own syrup from cherry jam)
30mL aquafaba chickpea juice (or 1 fresh egg white if preferred)

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Shake dry (without ice) for 15 seconds, then add ice and shake until cold.
Double strain into an ice filled tumbler and garnish with morello cherries.

Peach Nectar Bellini

Inspired by 15th Century paintings of pink togas and holy garments – the Bellini is sophisticated in flavour and simple to create here for extravagant celebrations!

It’s been a long 2020 and we’re all itching to ring in a better New Year. So, pop the cork on our wildbrumby Brut and get those bubbles flowing.

All you need now is good company to share the special occasion and our award-winning wildbrumby Peach Nectar Schnapps.

You can find our Bellini Pack ready-to-go here.

20mL wildbrumby Peach Nectar Schnapps
wildbrumby Brut

First, garnish your chilled champagne flute with a slice of fresh peach. Pour wildbrumby Peach Nectar Schnapps into your glass and top with wildbrumby Brut.

Cheers from the wildbrumby team!


Sour Cherry Martini

What would Christmas in Australia be without buckets of rich red cherries?

Our wildbrumby Sour Cherry Schnapps is a seasonal addition to our schnapps range —providing this martini with true tart, candied cherry notes.

Give the gift of good drinks to your martini-loving friend with our Sour Cherry Martini Pack here.

60mL wildbrumby Sour Cherry Schnapps
30mL wildbrumby Kosciuszko Vodka
Maraschino Cherry

Add ice, wildbrumby Sour Cherry Schnapps and wildbrumby Kosciuszko Vodka to a mixing glass and stir for 15 rotations. Strain into a chilled martini glass and serve with a single maraschino cherry.