Crunchy, green sweetness with a subtle tang – there’s something special that singles the Williams pear out from other pears when it comes to the art of crafting summery pear schnapps cocktails.

Also known as Poire William, these pears are commonly grown in the alpine regions of Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria – all places that love to turn this fascinating fruit into delicious schnapps. 

It’s often eaten straight from the tree or baked into traditional desserts such as the pear clafoutis and poached pears with cream, but it is most famously consumed as an eau-de-vie – or as we like to call it, the pear william schnapps.

Here in Australia’s alpine region of the Snowy Mountains, our pear william schnapps is made from the finest, orchard grown Williams pears. They’re the not-so-secret ingredient that gives this beloved schnapps a juicy, sweet, and fragrant bite.

Serving a nip of this delectable liquid alongside a nutty and fruit inspired cheese platter is a blissful pairing. But do read on if you’d like to discover more delectable pear combinations to have within reach on those sweltering summer afternoons.

Pear of Coconuts Mojito

Nothing sings summer more than a refreshing mojito (except, maybe this twist on the Cuban classic).

With notes of coconut, zingy lime, and our aromatic pear william schnapps – this cocktail will quickly become your poolside favourite!


30mL wildbrumby pear william schnapps
30mL coconut water
soda water


Muddle 2 wedges of lime in a highball glass before adding coconut water and our pear william schnapps. Then, top with ice and soda water. 

Hold off on that sprig of mint – you’ll want to garnish this bubbly, summery treat with a fan of pear slices!

Green Pear Mar-tea-ni

With sweet and earthy-green notes, you’ll want to keep this recipe pinned for year-round use. Plus, it’s batchable – and you know how much we love a pre-batched cocktail!


45mL wildbrumby classic gin
45mL wildbrumby pear william schnapps
30mL cooled green tea


For this fragrant green tea and pear twist on the classic martini, we’re sticking with an easy 1:1 ratio. That’s 45mL of our wildbrumby classic gin and 45mL of our pear william schnapps. 

Uh, where is the green tea? You’re asking.

Here’s the genius part. Stirring down a cocktail in ice adds around 25 – 30% of cool, refreshing water. As well as keeping the temperature down, this helps to open up subtle flavours within the spirit. 

But adding tea to the mix from here will definitely leave the final product feeling watery and unbalanced. 

Thankfully there’s an easy fix – and it just so happens to make this cocktail perfect for batching. 

If you’re making this delicious treat for yourself, add 45mL of wildbrumby classic gin and 45mL of pear william schnapps to a sealable jar. Then brew your favourite green tea and once cooled, add 30mL to the jar. 

Pop it in the freezer and in half an hour you’ll have a perfectly balanced and chilled, Green Pear Martini.

Want to batch this cocktail for a BBQ with friends? Use an empty and clean wine bottle, and times the volume by your number of guests. When you’re ready to serve, pour 120mL into chilled martini glasses and garnish with slices of pear.

You can even batch the night before!

Pear William Fizz

After fancy without the fuss? We’ve got you covered. This drink dials up luscious fruit and vanilla notes without going overboard on alcohol volume.

Serve it with a spoon for a sweet pear treat waiting at the bottom of your glass!


45mL wildbrumby pear william schnapps
soda water
vanillin sugar


Chop half a pear into cubes and toss in a sprinkle of vanillin sugar. Fill 1/3 of a tumbler glass with the cubed pears and top with ice. Pour in our wildbrumby pear william schnapps and stir till ingredients are mixed. Top with soda water.

Now all you need is a little umbrella to match those summery fruit vibes.

Merry Peary

This low-fuss collaboration of pear schnapps, vodka and sparkling pear cider is a celebration of summer’s sweetest harvest.

This makes for great sipping on those balmy summer evenings when sunbeams stretch right across the sky.


45 mL wildbrumby pear william schnapps
20 mL Vodka
120 mL Sparkling pear cider


This fruity favourite couldn’t be more simple. Add all the ingredients above to a long glass half filled with ice and then garnish with a slice of pear.

The Village

This complex layering of sweet and sour is a perfect pairing of summertime flavours in a deceptively simple cocktail. The blend of flavours is bursting with colour and style which makes it perfect for those spontaneous get togethers when friends or family drop by at short notice (hence the name!).


45 mL wildbrumby pear william schnapps
30 mL wildbrumby Classic Gin
15 mL Lime Juice
60 mL cranberry juice


Add all ingredients to a cocktail mixer. Stir over ice until very cold then pour into a chilled Martini glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

You can purchase our wildbrumby pear william schnapps here.