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New ‘Stallion’ Gallops Through The Snowies

The Wildbrumby Distillery has added ‘Stallion’ gin to its growing stable of spirits.

This contemporary Australian gin blends juniper and wild mountain pepper berry with a buccaneer’s booty of black tea, ginger, and orchard-grown citrus to create a perfectly balanced navy-strength spirit (57%).

This high-spirited infusion is then tamed in our small batch pot still ‘Florence’ to create a smooth and spicy addition to the expanding range of wildbrumby gin.

This mariner’s blend was crafted for gin connoisseurs in search of a strong, flavourful spirit.

Subtle notes of cassia coalesce with more dominant juniper, and citrus picked from the family orchard, to deliver a punchy pallet of flavours.

A smooth, viscous ‘oiliness’ rounds out the spicy spirit of this exceptional gin, further enhanced by the purity, alkalinity and mineral trace elements of the natural alpine spring water used in the distilling process.

“We strive to develop exceptionally satisfying gins, each with its own unique botanical stamp,” said wildbrumby founder, Brad Spalding.

“In a perfect pairing with tonic, our new ‘Stallion’ is an ideal selection for those seeking a bold new twist on contemporary Australian gin.”

The Wildbrumby Distillery is best known for bringing schnapps to the Snowy Mountains, but over the past few years, has been undergoing something of a ‘gin revolution’.

Its classic gin first appeared at the distillery door in 2015, and since then has attracted a loyal following, and picked up a gold medal at the 2016 Melbourne International Spirits Competition.
Earlier this year, the distillery released a seasonal ‘Rubus Patch’ raspberry-infused gin which claimed gold at last month’s Melbourne Interna-tional Spirits Competition.

“We’ve woven years of distilling experience into the task of creating unique and contemporary Australian gins that bring something very fresh and original to this category of spirits,” said Spalding.

Price: $95
Availability: Wildbrumby distillery door and online store

Rubus Patch Gin Claims Gold

Wildbrumby gin makes its mark again at International Spirits competition.

Wildbrumby Distillery has been awarded ‘Gold’ for its Rubus Patch gin at the Melbourne International Spirits Competition last week.

This follows on from a similar success with its Classic gin which won ‘Gold’ at last year’s competition.

Wildbrumby is best known for bringing schnapps to the Snowy Mountains, but over the past few years, the distillery has been undergoing something of a ‘gin revolution’.

The Rubus Patch gin was developed by Wildbrumby distillers Brad Spalding and Sebastian Drüge last summer, and is blended with organically grown raspberries from the Wildbrumby patch.

It has been carefully balanced with its aromatic pallet of juniper, citrus and botanicals, such as the native mountain pepper berry that grows wild in the Snowy Mountains.

The result is a viscous, well-rounded structure that rolls across both front and back palates, said Wildbrumby’s head distiller, Brad Spalding.

Classic notes of citrus and juniper play host to aromatic raspberry, finished with delicate hints of rose, cardamom and spice.

“This is a complex, finely tuned gin with a crisp and refreshing af-tertaste that delivers a delightful twist to the classic G&T and also pairs beautifully with soda,” Spalding said.

In its fourth year, the Melbourne International Spirits Competition is a major international spirits competition with trade-only judges. Close to 200 entries were submitted from more than eight coun-tries around the world.

Stallion gin gallops in

In other gin developments, the distillery is putting the finishing touches on its new navy-strength ‘Stallion’ gin. This high-spirited 57% infusion blends juniper and native mountain pepper with a buccaneer’s booty of black tea, ginger and orchard-grown citrus and will be available in coming weeks from the distillery door and online shop.

Celebrating sculpture

Art has always been central to the spirit and setting at Wildbrumby, and to showcase its collected works the distillery has published its own ‘Sculpture Walk’ book.

On sale at the distillery door, the book features the work of the many artists displayed throughout the sculpture garden and still house. A sculpture map guides visitors on an inspiring journey through Richard Moffatt’s Orbs and the polished granite boulders crafted by Austrian sculptor Andreas Buisman, as well as many other artists’ work.

Food & drink industry innovator

The Wildbrumby Distillery has been named as a leading food and drink innovator in a recently published book Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations. The book showcases 50 stand-out products across the entire Australian food value chain.

Chosen by an expert panel of judges, these were selected on whether they aligned to one of seven global megatrends identified by the CSIRO.

Wildbrumby was chosen for its focus on product experience and the personalisation of its ever-growing range of contemporary Australian spirits.