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Wildbrumby named ‘business of the year’


Brad and Monika Spalding are proud to have been named ‘Business of the Year’ at the Jindabyne Citizen Award Ceremony on Australia Day 2022.

The Australia Day awards were held at John Connors Oval to celebrate the achievements of local citizens and businesses, and wildbrumby distillery was chosen for its outstanding contribution to tourism and arts in the Snowy Monaro region.

The event was supported by Snowy Monaro Regional Council and The National Australia Day Council as part of the National Australia Day Celebrations.

Meet Joan (our new Still)

Wildbrumby Still

To celebrate World Gin Day on June 12 we ran a batch of gin through our brand new Kothe Still custom built for us in Germany over the past 12 months and then shipped to us here in the Thredbo Valley. Joan takes her name from Brad Spalding’s mum and has four times the capacity of Florence (our current still), allowing us to substantially boost production of our award-winning range of gin and schnapps!

‘Angel’ at wildbrumby


We are excited to announce ‘Angel’ by Phillip Doggett Williams as the newest addition to our ever-growing sculpture collection on the distillery grounds.

Phillip is a Melbourne based sculptor who has built a strong reputation in art culture. His artwork has been included in significant collections such as the Australian National Gallery in Canberra, Artbank, the Gallery of NSW —and now here at wildbrumby distillery in our sculpture garden.

Angel Sculpture

The Largest Gin Tasting in the World!


We called on all local gin lovers to join us at wildbrumby to celebrate Aussie gin & break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest gin tasting event ever on November 22. You answered the call and we claimed the world record with a photo finish!

Multiple venues around Australia hosted 802 participants, which surpassed the previous record of 796 held by the Brits, allowing us to claim the Gin Ashes.

A big thank you to all who took part and a massive thanks to the event organisers at Gintonica.


Are you a Local Luvva?

The only cases we want to increase this year are cases of wildbrumby products blessing the shelves at BWS stores following their Local Luvva campaign to support small, independent brands like ours. But we need your help!

BWS say they will stock the top 18 brands across Australia based on a public vote, so we’re asking you and your drinking buddies to vote for us. You’ve got until Friday, 2nd October to cast your vote so please help us SPREAD THE LOVE across Australia!

You can vote here: bws.com.au/productgroup/vote-for-local

Thank you ❣️

Another ‘Gold’ for Peach Nectar schnapps


Wildbrumby Distillery has been awarded ‘Gold’ for its Peach Nectar Liqueur at the Australian International Spirits Competition (AUISC) and has also been honoured in the ‘Judges Choice’ category.

This is the second gold medal to be awarded to the Peach Nectar, which claimed gold at the 2018 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

AUISC is a new spirits competition for both local and international spirits which is judged on a world scale by predominantly Australian judges, to reflect local tastes in spirits.

Wildbrumby founder, Brad Spalding has developed many varieties of schnapps which have proven extremely popular among visitors to the Snowy region. Peach Nectar Schnapps is one of its classic range and has a rich succulent flavour.

“Schnapps is not a traditionally Australian spirit, but we have developed a unique twist on European schnapps, that is specially tailored to Australian taste buds,” says Spalding.

“We are delighted with the performance of our Peach Nectar Liqueur in this prestigious international competition, which was established on local soil to celebrate our nation’s discerning palate.”

Wildbrumby has been developing and refining its range of spirits for well over a decade and was the first local distiller to introduce schnapps to Australian snow sports enthusiasts.

The distillery has also previously received awards for its Classic, Rubus Patch and Stallion gin, which have each claimed ‘Gold’ at international spirits competitions in recent years.

It was also named as a leading food and drink innovator in 2017 for its schnapps range in the book Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations, which showcased 50 stand-out products across the entire Australian food value chain. 

Wildbrumby was chosen for its focus on product experience and the personalisation of its ever-growing range of contemporary Australian spirits.

Thredbo Valley open for business

Shake Hands with the SnowiesIconic Thredbo Valley businesses, Wildbrumby Distillery and the Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa in the Snowy Mountains, are looking forward to welcoming visitors back to ‘Shake Hands with the Snowies’. The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) advise that the Thredbo Valley is open from Jindabyne via the Alpine Way. Tourists are encouraged to visit villages and towns in the Snowy Monaro region and they ask that holiday makers return and help the communities get back on their feet. This was a welcome announcement, with the local community looking forward to getting back to business. Wildbrumby Distillery kicked off today.