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wildbrumby opening hours


The wildbrumby stillhouse cafe has now reopened and we also have a brand new range of picnic hampers available for local customers which can be pre-ordered for collection (details below).

Serving sumptuous Austrian meals, beers and schnappy cocktails, with a wide range of wildbrumby spirits available at the distillery door
Thursday, Sunday and Monday  | 10am to 5pm
Friday and Saturday | 10am to 6pm (4 – 6pm Antipasti and Cocktails)
Telephone bookings are requested for lunch reservations to avoid disappointment
Please call 02 6457 1447 to ensure a booking.

A wide range of wildbrumby schnapps, gin and vodka is available at our drive-thru located in the carpark.
Open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays  | 10am to 5pm

Our wonderful selection of picnic hampers are now available to pre-order for collection at the distillery.
Please order your hamper at least 24 hours prior to collection via email at
You can browse our full hamper range here.

Our full range of schnapps, gin and other spirits can be purchased from our online shop.
Please contact if you’d like to follow up on a recent order.
Open 24/7

wildbrumby is 100% Australian made and owned


Low-abv cocktails you will love


Whether you’re at a party or just kicking back on a sunny afternoon, everyone loves a cheeky cocktail or two! But sometimes a full standard drink isn’t what we’re after.

Plenty of Australians are choosing to drink less, but drink better. Whatever the reason for being alcohol-volume conscious, no one wants to suffer flavourless fizzy drinks or mocktail cordials.

This is where the low-abv cocktail (low-alcohol-by-volume) comes in.The key ingredient to all of them? Our wildbrumby schnapps of course!

We’ve put together a list of flavoursome low-abv cocktails that will keep you present for the party.

Schnapperol Spritz

5.8% abv

The Schnapperol Spritz is cocktail with a fresh, lively character that truly melds the best of both seasons, blending our wildbrumby winter negroni with the deep citrus notes of Fever Tree blood orange soda. It’s ideal for those moments when you’re soaking up the spring sun surrounded by good company.


60mL Wildbrumby Negroni
200mL Fever Tree Blood Orange Soda

Method: Fill a big wineglass with lots of ice, add Negroni. Top up with Fever Tree Blood orange soda and garnish with a slice of orange and/or blood orange and star anise.


Pear William Fizz

5.0% abv

What goes better with our wildbrumby pear william schnapps, than more real pears!? Pears are the perfect addition to this classy yet simple cocktail. This drink dials up luscious fruit and vanilla notes without going overboard on alcohol volume.

Serve it with a spoon for a sweet pear treat waiting at the bottom your glass!

45mL wildbrumby pear william schnapps
120mL Soda Water
Vanillin Sugar
Half a Pear

Method: Chop half a pear into small cubes and toss in a sprinkle of vanillin sugar. Fill 1/3 of tumbler glass with the cubed pears and ice. Pour in wildbrumby pear william schnapps and stir. Top with soda water and serve with a spoon on the side.

If you’re after a higher abv cocktail, add 30ml wildbrumby classic gin to the pear william fizz before topping with soda water.

You can find our wildbrumby pear william here.


Donner & Blitz

5.2% abv

We can’t finish this list without including an old-time favourite – our devil’s tongue schnapps and ginger beer combination.

Enjoy this bitey drink after a long day on the slopes or as a summer afternoon refreshment. It is truly a year-round drink.


60mL wildbrumby devil’s tongue schnapps
150mL Ginger Beer


Pour wildbrumby devil’s tongue schnapps into a tumbler glass over ice. Top with ginger beer and garnish with a sprig of mint.

You can find our wildbrumby devil’s tongue here.


Negroni Americano

5.8% abv

The Americano, an original low-abv drink, is made with sweet vermouth, Italian bitters and soda water.

Sound familiar? The negroni was invented when Count Negroni swapped out the soda water in his Americano for gin making the drink a little boozier. Our Negroni Americano combines the best of both cocktails – a bit of our schnapps-forward wildbrumby Negroni and soda water. Bellissima!

wildbrumby Negroni 45mL
Soda Water 140mL

Method: Add ice and wildbrumby negroni to a wine glass. Fill with soda water and garnish with dried orange slices or an orange wedge.

You can find our wildbrumby negroni here.


Peachy Tea

4.6% abv

Fancy sipping on a peachy tea on a sunny afternoon? We do too. Our award-winning peach nectar schnapps pairs perfectly with the citrusy notes of earl grey tea. You’ll never want an iced tea served any other way.


45mL wildbrumby peach nectar schnapps 45mL
Peaches in Syrup (15mL syrup, 2 peach slices)
130mL Iced Earl Grey Tea


Prepare your iced earl grey tea by brewing 60mL of earl grey tea. Transfer the teabag and tea into a bottle of cool water and place in fridge till thoroughly mixed and chilled.

Build your cocktail by adding wildbrumby peach nectar schnapps, peach syrup, iced earl grey tea and ice to a tall glass. Mix with a bar spoon and garnish with 2 slices of peach.

You can find our wildbrumby peach nectar here.


wildbrumby picnic hampers



Our wildbrumby picnic hampers feature a sumptuous selection of goods from our own regional producers and providores.

The hampers can be pre-ordered 24-hours ahead of time for collection at the distillery.

You can browse our full range below and then contact us via email at to place your order.

GINdabyne Perfect Picnic Hamper
$110 (actual value $150)

This perfect wildbrumby weekend treat includes:

 A bottle of our Award-winning Classic Gin (500ml)
Four-pack of Fever-Tree Tonic + fresh and dried garnish to make the perfect G+T
Rockstock Deli local smoked Trout cured with our Gin Botanicals and wildbrumby horseradish aioli
Gruyere and Camembert Cheese
Freshly baked Ciabatta
Olives and Mixed Pickles + Crackers
Wildbrumby cooler bag
Picnic blanket 

Wildbrumby Perfect Home Picnic
$90 (actual value $140)

This very yummy home picnic pack includes:

1 bottle of Wildbrumby Brut
A 100ml Bottle of Peach schnapps (to make the perfect Bellini)
1 Siena Panforte Cake
Freshly baked Ciabatta
Gruyere and Camembert Cheese
1 Rockstock Deli Venison Jagerwurst
Olives and mixed pickles 
Wildbrumby Cooler Bag
Picnic Blanket

Meet Joan (our new Still)

Wildbrumby Still

To celebrate World Gin Day on June 12 we ran a batch of gin through our brand new Kothe Still custom built for us in Germany over the past 12 months and then shipped to us here in the Thredbo Valley. Joan takes her name from Brad Spalding’s mum and has four times the capacity of Florence (our current still), allowing us to substantially boost production of our award-winning range of gin and schnapps!