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How To Mix It With Pink Gin

It is the question on the tip of every tongue. What do you mix with your Pink Gin?

Just when you thought gin could not get any more popular, along came the pink variety.

We launched our raspberry-infused Rubus Patch gin in 2017, and since then interest in these fruity variations of gin has gone through the roof.

But if a bottle of beautiful Pink Gin landed in your liquor cabinet today, would you know which mixers and garnishes to employ to flatter those luscious fruity notes?

This task is not as simple as many would think, and to find out why this is, we need to go back the very beginning of the Pink Gin story.

Firstly, not all pink gins are the same. Early versions of the drink were created by mixologists combining traditional gin with Angostura bitters to give it a faintly pink blush. But more recently, some distillers have been putting the pink directly into their gin, using distillations of raspberry, pomegranate, or grapefruit — just to name a few.

In hot demand they may be, but the addition of these new flavour profiles can present substantial challenges to distillers of traditional gin.

The reason for this is that the Juniper berry is the life and soul of gin — and must actually be the dominant botanical for a bottle to carry the label of Gin.

And then there are those quintessential citrus notes to contend with.

So how does a gin distiller introduce berry notes without drowning out the Juniper, crowding out the citrus, and inadvertently creating something that can no longer call itself gin?

We think the real skill here is to introduce those notes in a very gentle way, complementing, but never upstaging, core botanical elements.

Once this perfectly balanced bottle of pink gin is ready for gin lovers to enjoy, the next challenge is how to tease out those beautifully blended berry notes in the glass.

Mix with care

Serving up a pink gin should be a simple task. After all, tonic has been paired with gin ever since the British introduced the quinine based drink to its overseas troops in a bid to fend off malaria.

And because pink gin must stay so true to the botanical makeup of the traditional variety, it stands to reason it should pair just as well with tonic as its non-pink brethren.

While we have no particular objection to that famous trio of tonic, lemon and ice, we do fear that this combination might wash away those subtle raspberry notes.

Fortunately, with a vast army of quality tonics storming bottle shops nationwide, the pink gin enthusiast is spoiled for choice, as long as they are keen to experiment a little.

Some pink gin drinkers will add a splash of lemonade or Prosecco to their tonic, and play around with fruit garnishes to help balance out the flavour profile.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of these pioneers then the key thing to consider is the bitter-sweet balance of your garnish and mixer.

A popular rule of thumb is to match like with like — for example using berry garnishes and/or berry flavoured tonics to complement a berry profile of your pink gin. Overlaying new flavours, such as Elderflower, can be a delicious alternative, and it’s well worth taking the time to discover your own winning combination.

As gin purists, we like to pair our own Pink Rubus Patch gin with a good splash of soda water, ice and plenty of fresh raspberries on top.

This brings out those gentle notes of organically grown raspberry, rose, cardamom, coriander and native mountain pepper berry, and never overwhelms the essential citrus-juniper foundations on the palate.

But in the end, you should let your own taste buds do the talking.



GinPalooza comes to Canberra!

4th April 2020

Join wildbrumby as we attend this iconic event presented by the Australian Gin Distillers Association.

There will be 30 Australian craft gin distillers at the beautiful Pialligo Estate, with tastings of 150 gins on offer, complemented by Artisan Drinks Tonic waters + Pialligo Smokehouse foods.

TICKETS: ($60pp) will include all gin tastings.
TIME: 11:00am to 6:00pm
LOCATION: Pialligo Fields, 18 Kallaroo Rd, Pialligo

Shakin’ the Snowies with Beccy Cole

Shakin' the Snowies

20th March 2020

Snowy Mountains – get ready for a high energy afternoon of music and entertainment with 11 time Golden Guitar winning star Beccy Cole as she shakes up the Thredbo Valley, March 20.

Headlining the bushfire recovery fundraising concert, “Shakin the Snowies”, Beccy and Libby O’Donovan are excited to be back in the mountains to raise money for local wildlife and community organisations.

The outdoor concert on the lawns of Wildbrumby Distillery, kicks off the popular Savour Snowy Mountains – A Weekend of Food and Wine event hosted by Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa featuring the finest produce of the region. Limited tickets available, don’t miss out!

Gin & Vin Cocktail Party (Lake Crackenback)

20th March 2020

Enjoy roving canapes featuring local produce, demonstrations with a selection of cocktails and wines from locals, wildbrumby distillery & Shut the Gate Wines, who will be showcasing their award-winning products on the evening along with entertainment. There are only a limited number of tickets available, so book soon.

Ticket includes:
Substantial canapes
1x Cocktail and glass of wine

Another ‘Gold’ for Peach Nectar schnapps


Wildbrumby Distillery has been awarded ‘Gold’ for its Peach Nectar Liqueur at the Australian International Spirits Competition (AUISC) and has also been honoured in the ‘Judges Choice’ category.

This is the second gold medal to be awarded to the Peach Nectar, which claimed gold at the 2018 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

AUISC is a new spirits competition for both local and international spirits which is judged on a world scale by predominantly Australian judges, to reflect local tastes in spirits.

Wildbrumby founder, Brad Spalding has developed many varieties of schnapps which have proven extremely popular among visitors to the Snowy region. Peach Nectar Schnapps is one of its classic range and has a rich succulent flavour.

“Schnapps is not a traditionally Australian spirit, but we have developed a unique twist on European schnapps, that is specially tailored to Australian taste buds,” says Spalding.

“We are delighted with the performance of our Peach Nectar Liqueur in this prestigious international competition, which was established on local soil to celebrate our nation’s discerning palate.”

Wildbrumby has been developing and refining its range of spirits for well over a decade and was the first local distiller to introduce schnapps to Australian snow sports enthusiasts.

The distillery has also previously received awards for its Classic, Rubus Patch and Stallion gin, which have each claimed ‘Gold’ at international spirits competitions in recent years.

It was also named as a leading food and drink innovator in 2017 for its schnapps range in the book Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations, which showcased 50 stand-out products across the entire Australian food value chain. 

Wildbrumby was chosen for its focus on product experience and the personalisation of its ever-growing range of contemporary Australian spirits.

Taste of the Snowies: Food and Drink Evening (Thredbo)

8th March 2020

Finish off an amazing weekend with a food and drinks evening hosted by Wildbrumby Distiller Sebastian Druege at Cascades Restaurant.

Five delicious cocktails from the local alpine distillery, Wildbrumby, will be paired with a hand picked selection of delicious dishes, for an evening of fun, food and inventive cocktails lovingly made with local products.

WHERE: Cascades Restaurant, Thredbo
TIME: 6.30pm
COST: $125pp for five courses and five drinks
Bookings essential via Thredbo Alpine Hotel (02) 6459 4200

Taste of the Snowies: Food and Wine Festival (Thredbo)

7th March 2020

Celebrate the good life at the Thredbo Food and Wine Festival. Head to the Thredbo Village Square to explore an array of wineries, cheese makers, local food and produce, kids face painting and live music. Wildbrumby will showcase our Classic Gin & Tonic alongside the famous Alpine Spritzer.

Don’t miss a moment of the fun and make it a weekend! Sip and stay with a 3 for 2 accommodation special.

COST: Free Entry/$25 – 10 x tasting tokens and a limited edition tasting cup.